Vol 8, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Adding Digital Forensic Readiness as a Security Component to the IoT Domain PDF
Victor R Kebande, Nickson M Karie, H S Venter 1-11
Improvement of Diagnosis-Supplement System for Basic Academic Skill based on Affordance Theory in the Context of HCI PDF
Hansung Kim, Hyojae Choi 12-17
Comparative Study of K-means and Fuzzy C-means Algorithms on The Breast Cancer Data PDF
Ashutosh Kumar Dubey, Umesh Gupta, Sonal Jain 18-29
The Extraction of Knowledge Factors of Teachers for Physical Computing Education PDF
Hye Seong Park, Aoki Hiroyuki, Ja Mee Kim 30-36
Risk Assessment Model of Technogenic Pollution of the Environment from Oil Spill in the Northern Caspian Sea PDF
Kairat Bostanbekov, Daniyar Nurseitov, Dmitriy Kim 37-43
Research Management Systems: Systematic Mapping of Literature (2007-2017) PDF
Anabel Velásquez-Duran, María Soledad Ramírez-Montoya 44-55
A Design and Development of micro-Learning Content in e-Learning System PDF
Yasung Park, Yong Kim 56-61
The Framework of Cloud e-Learning System for Strengthening ICT Competence of Teachers in Nicaragua PDF
Yong Kim 62-67
Comparative Study of Density over Time by Several Approaches Using Individual and Sample Data in the Mixed Traffic PDF
Fadly Arirja Gani, Toshio Yoshii, Shinya Kurauchi 68-77
Low-Cost Media for in vitro Multiplication and Development of Protocorm Like Bodies (PLBs) of Eulophia graminea Orchid PDF
A. Romeida, - Supanjani, S. S. Sinaga 78-84
Exploration and Identification of the Indigenous Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Fungi (AMF) in the Rhizosphere of Citronella (Andropogon nardus L.) in the Dry Land Regions in West Sumatra Province, Indonesia PDF
- Armansyah, Aswaldi Anwar, Auzar Syarif, - Yusniwati, Rudi Febriamansyah 85-92
Extraction of Morphological Features of Malaysian Rice Seed Varieties Using Flatbed Scanner PDF
R. Ruslan, A. A Aznan, F.A Azizan, N. Roslan, N. Zulkifli 93-98
Experimental Study of Morphological Changes and Flow Structure around the Vegetated Groyne PDF
Pratiwi Aziz, Akihiro Kadota 99-107
Continuous Monoglyceride Production from Palm Fatty Acid Distillate and Glycerol Using Vacuum Reactive Distillation Column PDF
Hanifrahmawan Sudibyo, Laras Prasakti, Arief Budiman, Mohammad Fahrurrozi, Rcohmadi Rochmadi 108-114
Development of Performance Indicators Relationships on Sustainable Healthcare Supply Chain Performance Measurement Using Balanced Scorecard and DEMATEL PDF
Eko Budi Leksono, - Suparno, Iwan Vanany 115-122
Applying Lean to Healthcare Delivery Processes - a Case-based Research PDF
D.T. Matt, G. Arcidiacono, E. Rauch 123-133
Family Healthcare: Safe and Convenient, Mandailing Community Option for Childbirth PDF
Siti Zahara Nasution, Badaruddin Badaruddin, Zulhaida Lubis, Kintoko Rochadi 134-140
The Revolution Lean Six Sigma 4.0 PDF
G. Arcidiacono, A. Pieroni 141-149
An Empirical Study of Food Safety, Food Handling, and Food Poisoning Awareness Among Foreign Students in Penang, Malaysia PDF
Kaiser Mahmood, Jamshed Khalid, Hanisah Kamilah, Anees Janee Ali, Lubowa Muhammad, Fazilah Ariffin 150-156
Removal of Zinc onto Several Adsorbents Derived from Waste Activated Sludge of Crumb Rubber Industry (CRI-WAS) PDF
Salmariza Sy, - Harmiwati, Desy Kurniawati, Hermansyah Aziz, Zulkharnain Chaidir, Rahmiana Zein 157-164
Sensory and Microbial Characteristics of Civet Coffee PDF
Murna Muzaifa, Dian Hasni, Anshar Patria, - Febriani, Amhar Abubakar 165-171
Compressibility Behaviour of Borneo Tropical Peat Stabilized with Lime-Sand Column PDF
Jodin Makinda, Lillian Gungat, N.S.V Kameswara Rao, Solomon Sulis 172-177
Timeliness of Materials on Reading Recommendation System PDF
Yanling Li, Sokchoo Ng 178-184
User Acceptance Analysis of Potato Expert System Application Based on TAM Approach PDF
Taufiq Rachman, Darmawan Napitupulu 185-191
Design of e-Teaching Portfolio System Framework for e-Tutor Competency Management PDF
Hye Jin Kim, Yong Kim 192-198
Image Enhancement through Denoising and Retrieval of Vegetation Parameters from Landsat8 PDF
K. Sateesh Kumar, G. Sreenivasulu 199-204
An Analysis of Traveler’s Evaluation Frame Toward Public Transport Focusing on Dynamic Nature of Reference Point PDF
Sarif Sarif, Shinya Kurauchi, Toshio Yoshii 205-211
Static and Dynamic Analysis of Steel U-Damper for Space Structures PDF
Eka Satria, Lovely Son, Sabril Haris, Rahma Saputri 212-218
Modelling of Direct Connection of Heat Consumers to District Heating with Ejectors PDF
Xhevat Berisha, Drilon Meha 219-226
Effects of Cooking Methods on the Changes of Total Anthocyanins, Phenolics Content and Physical Characteristics of Purple-Fleshed Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) Grown in Vietnam PDF
Khanh Thi Lan Phan, Sasivimon Chittrakorn, Huan Phan Tai, Khanitta Ruttarattanamongkol 227-233
Modification of TiO2Nanotube Arrays with N Doping and Ag Decorating for Enhanced Visible Light Photoelectrocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue PDF
Anthoni Batahan Aritonang, Yuni K. Krisnandi, Jarnuzi Gunlazuardi 234-241
Study of Using Cassava Pulp to Produce Livestock Feed Pellet PDF
Tuan Anh Bui, Van Hung Pham, Bich Huy Nguyen, Thanh Phong Nguyen, Duc Khuyen Nguyen, Van Cong Chinh Nguyen 242-249
New record species of Puntius (Pisces: Cyprinidae) from West Sumatra based on Cytochrome Oxidase1Gene PDF
Dewi Imelda Roesma, Djong Hon Tjong, Warnety Munir, Dyta Rabbani Aidil 250-256
Numerical Hydrodynamic Wave Modelling Using Spatial Discretization in Brebes Waters, Central Java, Indonesia PDF
Koko Ondara, Guntur Adhi Rahmawan, Wisnu Arya Gemilang, Ulung Jantama Wisha, Ruzana Dhiauddin 257-263
Research Approach towards Formulating Research and Innovation Capacity Development Framework for Disaster Resilience in Higher Education Institutions PDF
Ezri Hayat, Renuka Thakore, Champika Liyanage, Richard Haigh, Dilanthi Amaratunga 264-271
The Effects of Planting Range and Weed Management on Growth and Yield of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Using Modified SRI (The System of Rice Intensification) PDF
Arman Effendi, Aswaldi Anwar, Reni Mayerni 272-279
Andisols Water Retention Under Peasant Oil Palm Plantation PDF
Bujang Rusman, Agustian Agustian, Aprisal Aprisal, Syafrimen Yasin 280-284
A Model of Control Valve for Wagons Equipped by k-Blocks PDF
G. Arcidiacono, L. Cantone 285-290
Shell Mould Strength of Rice Husk Ash (RHA) and Bentonite Clays in Investment Casting PDF
Is Prima Nanda, Zahran Ali, Mohd. Hasbullah Idris, Andril Arafat, Adjar Pratoto 291-297
Smarter City: Smart Energy Grid based on Blockchain Technology PDF
Alessandra Pieroni, Noemi Scarpato, Luca Di Nunzio, Francesca Fallucchi, Mario Raso 298-306

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