Vol 2, No 5 (2012)

Table of Contents


SEIR Model for Transmission of Dengue Fever PDF
Syafruddin Side, M. S. M. Noorani 341-345
Inclined Magnetic Field Effects on Chaotic Convection for Moderate Prandtl Number PDF
J.M. Jawdat, I. Hashim 346-349
Statistical Modelling of CO2 Emissions in Malaysia and Thailand PDF
Tay Sze Hui, Shapiee Abd Rahman, Jane Labadin 350-355
Certain Subclasses of Analytic and Bi-Univalent Functions Involving Double Zeta Functions PDF
Saibah Siregar, Sintuja Raman 356-358
Subclass of Harmonic Univalent Functions Associated with Generalized Derivative Operator PDF
Ebtisam Eljamal, M. Darus 359-362
New Properties for Certain Generalized Ces´aro Integral Operator PDF
Aisha Ahmed Amer, Maslina Darus 363-366
Stability and Accuracy of Exponential Extrapolation Method PDF
Asma A. Elbeleze, Bachok M. Taib 367-369
A Review on Quantitative Approaches for Dock Door Assignment in Cross-Docking PDF
Adibah Shuib, Wan Nor Ashikin Wan Ahmad Fatthi 370-374
Assessing Right Amount of Quality Assurance (QA) for Software Products. "A Quality Assurances for Developing Software Projects" PDF
Murtaza Hussain Shaikh, Mir Sajjad Hussain Talpur 375-378
In Silico Analysis of Oncogenes for Renal Cancer PDF
Sim-Hui Tee, Siew-Kien Mah 379-382
Computational Analysis of PTEN Gene Mutation PDF
Siew-Kien Mah, Sim-Hui Tee 383-386
Securing the Application Layer in eCommerce PDF
Bala Musa S, Norita Md Norwawi, Mohd Hasan Selamat 387-390
Performance of Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Codes (PCCC) with BPSK in Nakagami Multipath M-Fading Channel PDF
Mohamed Abd El-latif, Alaa El-Din Sayed Hafez, Sami H. Darwish 391-396
Ancillary Resistor leads to Sparse Glitches: an Extra Approach to Avert Hacker using Syndicate Browser Design PDF
Devaki Pendlimarri, Paul Bharath Bhushan Petlu 397-400
Incorporating Prioritized User Preferences in Search System PDF
Mashal Alqudah, Yuhanis Yusof, Shahrul Azman Mohd Noah, Alaa Almabhouh 401-404
An Empirical Evaluation of BFS, and DFS Search Algorithms on J2ME Platform, and SVG Tiny Parsing on J2ME Platform Using SAX, StAX, and DOM Parsers PDF
Venera Sengirova, Aidana Oralbekova, Nathar Shah 405-410

Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development