Detection and Prevention of Sensitive Data From Data Leak Using Shingling and Rabin Filter

Sushma Vishwanath Gaikwad, Shilpa Chougule, Shrikant Charhate


Data leak is a major problem in all the organization of any land. A deliberate risk to institution and private security is the disclosure of secure data in transmission and storage. To check content for exposed sensitive data is the main aim for exposed sensitive data. There are large numbers of data-leak cases but human flaws are one of the main reasons of data leak. This paper proposed a data-leak detection model for preventing accidental and intentional data leak in network. If someone succeed to steal some kind of data and send that data to outsider then data owner has obtain to use two methods to find out guilty employee or leaker. This work suggests use of shingling and rabin filter system performs Data Leak Detection (DLD) and Prevention task. The results show that this approach can be effectively implemented in various organizations; however rigorous testing on various data division of such methods will be required to implement the same in sector of importance like defence and other even in large establishment.


Keywords—  Information security; Data leak; network security; privacy.


Information security; Data leak; network security; privacy.

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