Effect of Indigenous Rhizobacteria and Manure on the Growth and Yield of Red Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Solok, West Sumatera

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Potato is important food for half population of the world particularly population in Europe and America. Beside it is as carbohydrate source, potato can be used as main food for diabetes people, replaces the rice due to it contains low calories. In developed countries, particularly in Indonesia, it is also as diversify food for medium and highland people. The research was conducted in Selayo Tanang Buki Sileh, Lembang Jaya, Solok regency, West Sumatera, Indonesia from May to August 2017. The research aimed to study the interaction between indigenous rhizobacteria and manure to the growth and yield of red potato. The factorial design in Completely ranzomized design (CRD) with 2 factors was used in this reserach.  The first factor was rhizobacteria isolates (no isolate, A2.1b2; A3.1a5; B1.2a2) and the second factor was the manure with dose 30 ton/ hectare (chicken, quail, and cattle). The potato variety that used in the assay was PING 06. The data was analyzed by analysis of variance with Honestly Significant Difference/HSD test in 5%. Generally, the result showed that there was no interaction between rhizobacteria isolates and manure to growth and  yield of red potato. A2.1b2 was the best isolate for fresh weight of tuber per plant, per plot and per hectare of red potato plant and chicken manure could increase the growth and yield of  red potato plant (11.73 ton/hectare). 


growth; manure; potato; rhizobacteria; yield.

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