Investigation of the Effect Temperature on Photovoltaic (PV) Panel Output Performance

Amelia Razak, Y.M Irwan, W.Z. Leow, M Irwanto, I. Safwati, M. Zhafarina


The main limit of PV systems is the low conversion efficiency of PV panels, which is strongly influenced by their operating temperature. Lack of accuracy in consideration through PV panel temperature increases the financial risk of system installation. This present study investigates the effects of operating temperature on monocrystalline PV panel at Perlis, Malaysia. A selected model of PV panel firstly was simulated using PVSYST software in order to evaluate its output performance. Meanwhile, PROVA 200 used to measure and record all electrical data for outdoor experimental during the sunniest day. Besides, the thermal distribution was analysed through PV panel temperatures and thermal imaging. Simulation results implied that the output power of PV panel decreases with increasing of its working temperature followed by the efficiency. The experimental results obviously show that the STC parameters do not represent the real operating conditions of PV panel for outdoor conditions. Less output power was produced affected by the atmospheric factors such as solar irradiance and ambient temperature. These both factors strongly affected the PV panel temperature distribution. In short, the elevating of PV panel temperature contributed to the negative impact on output performance of the panel.


PV panel; Solar irradiance; Ambient Temperature; PV Panel Temperature; Thermal Imaging

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