SNR Improvement and Bandwidth Optimization Technique Using PCM-DSSS Encryption Scheme

N. Sakib, A. Hira, M. N. Mollah, S. M. Sharun, S. B. Mohamed, Mohd Rashid


Cryptography, the scheme of information stashing and verification, entirely deals with protocols, algorithms and strategies to ensure the precise security facility of the signal consistently by hindering unauthorized access to the confidential information. Albeit in most of the encryption schemes, certain impediments are faced by the service providers such as the expansion of required bandwidth, the fragile encryption technique, the consumption of maximum bandwidth in security purpose, less priority to improvement of SNR of the system, the complexity in decryption and so forth.  This paper illustrates the SNR enhancement & bandwidth optimization technique in security purpose using PCM- DSSS sample by sample encryption scheme. For this purpose, after sampling of a signal, simple mathematical operation is performed in each sample with a time varying arbitrary weights. This arbitrary weight can be obtained from D/A conversion of pseudo noise sequence. Since the bandwidth consumption in security purpose can be minimized in this scheme, a significant portion of unused bandwidth can be used to improve the SNR of the system by reducing quantization noise of encrypted samples. By the same token, the possibility of SNR improvement is demonstrated by reckoning the quantization noise while introducing additional quantization step.


Encryption; Bandwidth; SNR, SQR

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