Preliminary Study on Machining Condition Monitoring System Using 3-Channel Force Sensor Analyzed by I-kaz Multilevel Method

Z. Karim, M.Z. Nuawi, J.A. Ghani, A.Y. Md. Said


Cutting tool wear is one of the major problems affecting the finished product in term of surface finish quality, dimensional precision and the cost of the defect. This paper discusses the preliminary study on machining condition monitoring system using force data captured using 3-channel force sensor. The data were analyzed by I-kaz multilevel method to monitor the flank wear progression during the machining. The flank wear of the cutting insert was measured using Moticom magnifier under two different operational conditions in turning process. A 3-channel Kistler force sensor was assembled to hold the tool holder to measure the force on the cutting tool in the tangential, radial and feed direction during the machining process. The signals were transmitted to the data acquisition equipment, and finally to the computer system. I-kaz multilevel method was used to identify and characterize the changes in the signals from the sensors under two different experimental set up. The values of I-kaz multilevel coefficients for all channels are strongly correlated with the cutting tool wear condition. This preliminary study can be further developed to efficiently monitor and predict flank wear level which can be used in the real machining industry.


Condition monitoring; I-kaz multilevel; tool wear; flank wear; signal processing

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