How much FEE we can pay for Sustainable Society Building

Nobutaka Ito


We have mainly four global issues, in which they are Population, Food, Energy and Environment named Global Tetralemma by the author almost 20 years ago. It should be notified that those four issues are mutually related each other along the ecological  order starting from the dominant presence of human beings. Two issues of energy and environment we are facing now are the results mainly caused by human economic activity. It can easily guessed that the food issue will be coming soon next considering the real fact of rapidly growing human population at the rate of 80 million per year. Human beings should be responsible for making action to find and cover the issues we facing and the one to be encountered. The following shows the contents of the paper.  1) Maximum human population capacity of Earth;  2) Total required amount of food production to feed the increasing world population;  3) Overview of world human population change in recent years;  4) Food production including security, safety and product liability; 5) What and how we can do for ASEAN Economic Community establishment. The answers are: a) Asian Food / Rice Project can be introduced and proposed under mutual collaboration & competition among the nations between resource oriented and technology oriented ones. b) In the proposed project what crop should be focused is discussed for what purpose or reason why. c) The process to the final goal is shown as follows. d) First is to make Asia as Food Giant. e) Final goal is to create a new Asian brand of food for Asian economic promotion and stability. f) Low cost and high quality production by smart agriculture technology application. g) Higher possibility of pre-harvest technology than post harvest one for loss reduction


ASEAN Economic Community; Asia Rice Project; World food giant; Resource and technology oriented countries; Asian brand food

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