On Tackling Real-Life Optimization Problems

Nadia Abd-Alsabour


Most real-world applications are concerned with minimizing or maximizing some quantity so as to enhance some result. This emphasizes the importance of optimization and subsequently the significance of the optimization methods that are able to tackle these real-life optimization problems. There are a number of practical reasons for which traditional optimization and exhaustive algorithms cannot deal with a variety of these real-life optimization applications although there are numerous optimization problems that can benefit from applying these traditional optimization algorithms to handle them. Therefore, their is a need for propsong new optimization algorithms (such as nature inspired optimization methods) and optimize the capabilities of the existing ones (such as hybridization and parallelization) as well. This paper investigates the most recent optimization directions for dealing with the real-life optimization problems with an application to one of the most common and important optimization problems in a variety of financial fields and other fields which is the portfolio optimization problem since it is considered one of the most crucial problems in the modern financial management and has a variety of applications such as asset management and building strategic asset allocation. The computational results were got utilizing benchmark data from the OR library with the use of modern optimization algorithms. In addition, the article highlights the differences and similarities among the utilized optimization methods. In addition, recent advancements to the utilized optimization methods are highlighted.


real-world problems; nature-inspired algorithms; differential evolution (DE); particle swarm optimization (PSO).

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