Promoting the Growth of Chlorella vulgaris in Secondary Wastewater Treatment Effluent of Tofu Industry using Azospirillum sp

Wahyunanto Agung Nugroho, Musthofa Lutfi, Bambang Susilo


The objective of this research is to investigate the influence of growth promoting bacteria (GPB) Azospirillum sp on the growth of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris in wastewater of tofu industry as a medium. To observe the influence, about 106 cells/mL of Chlorella vulgaris was cultivated in 1 L of wastewater of tofu industry. The wastewater was an effluent of an aerobic treatment. Six different treatments were set regarding to the Azospirillum sp added to the medium. The glass was marked as A0 as no GPB inoculants added to the medium, and A2, A4, A6, A8 and A10 for 2 mL, 4mL, 6mL, 8 mL and 10 mL of GPB added to the medium respectively. The concentration of GPB inoculant was 108 cfu per mL. The result showed that the highest number of Chlorella vulgaris population was achieved by addition of 6 mL GPB Azospirillum sp in the day 10, while the highest maximum growth rate was achieved by addition of 10 mL GPB Azospirillum sp  to the medium.


microalgae; growth promoting bacteria; wastewater

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