Properties of DMF-fossil gasoline RON95 blends in the consideration as the alternative fuel

Anh Tuan Hoang, Danh Chan Nguyen


The use of endless biomass sources form agricultural by-products for the renewable fuel synthesis has been being considered as the extremely useful works meeting the strict strategies of environment protection. In this work, 2,5-dimethylfuran (DMF) synthesized from available rice straw in Vietnam was mixing with fossil gasoline RON95 to determine and measure the key properties of DMF-gasoline RON95 blends based on corresponding ASTM standards in the consideration as a new alternative fuel for modern gasoline engines. Each 5% volume fraction of DMF was used for mixing purposes to create 21 samples with the change of DMF volume fractions from 0% to 100%. As a result, the linearization of density, octane number, and laten heat of vaporization was conducted; meanwhile, the stoichiometric air/fuel ratio, heating value, and self-ignition temperature of DMF-gasoline RON95 blends were also reported. This work provided the full properties of blends of DMF-gasoline RON95 blends based on experimental results, and of course, achieved results could be used for the next steps to investigate the applicability of DMF-gasoline RON95 blends to practical experiments or simulation studies.


DMF; fossil gasoline; biomass; physical properties; gasoline engines

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