Strategy to Improvement Sustainability of Distinctively Local Snacks Based on Evaluation and Profile Mapping of SMEs Distinctively Local Snacks

Yulia Nurendah


SMEs snacks include in group industries which develop quite progressively in Indonesia. There are typical regional food or local food specialties which have been distinctively long-grown specifically in an area, however there are also some food specialties which are area-based potentially developed. Therefore, efforts to develop and empower SMEs distinctively local snacks should be done to be able to increase its competitiveness in facing the globalization and the free market.The objective of Profile Mapping of SMEs is that the development of distinctively local snacks can be implemented in an integrated, focused way, and on target. If SMEs snacks get special attention with the pattern of development and directed policy, it will become the backbone of the rise of the real sector in the region.  The study of profile mapping of SMEs distinctively local snacks is conducted by combining descriptive research method based on the results of field surveys combined with SWOT analysis Data processing and analysis with Profile Mapping of SMEs Snacks, Performance Analysis and Competitive Strategy of SMEs Snacks, SWOT Analysis, Strategy and Feasibility and concept Development models of SMEs Snacks. Bakpia becomes a top priority as a superior snack product from Jogjakarta (DIY), which can be further developed in the process of production and marketing. The attributes of main and additional ingredients, water supply, and production tools are still in average performance. In this case, the performance measure is based on the perception of bakpia producers in medium scale, while there are expectations on a high scale. Thus, there needs to be an increase in these attributes. After knowing the score of IFA, then a right strategy to be applied for SMEs position is a strategy of growth through horizontal integration which is an activity to expand SMEs by building in another location and increasing the variety of products and services. When referring to the SWOT matrix, there are several strategies that can be done in developing SMEs food products in the province of Jogjakarta. 


Evaluation; Profile Mapping; SMEs Snacks; Jogjakarta

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