Evaluation of Full Interaction Composite Columns Subjected to Static and Dynamic Loading

Mohammed J. Hamood, Zinah Asaad Abdul Husain, Maha Ghalib Ghaddar


Composite column such as other columns made from two or more materials worked as partially or fully. The composite column consists of hot steel section with filled reinforced concrete behaving as compression member and mainly to resisting axial force and moments. The high strength capacity of composite columns with a reduction in cross-sectional area as compared with the reinforced concrete columns gave benefits to adopt this type of construction in building, especially in high-rise and complex buildings. In this paper, an evaluation of composite columns under the effects of static and dynamic loadings to check the adequacy of such composite column that analyzed and designed under static load and then after subjected to dynamic load. Theoretical analysis and numerical solution by finite element approach through ANSYS software program are adopted and assumed that full interactions between reinforced concrete and steel section to check out the performance of composite column taking into account parameters such as loading type as static and dynamic loading, concrete type and method of analysis as modal and harmonic dynamic loading. The results showed that the increasing of core concrete strength delayed the occurrence of local buckling of steel tube. Therefore, the harmonic analysis must be taken into account to check out in the analysis and adopted in the design of composite column in case of the presence of this type of dynamic loading because of the performance of the column is different under this type of loading.


composite column; full interaction; finite element method; ANSYS; dynamic loading.

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