Analysis of Characteristics Extension Workers to Utilization of Information and Communication Technology

Veronice Veronice, Yelfiarita Yelfiarita, Darnetti Darnetti


The science and technology is developing rapidly with the demands of changing times. The development of information and communication technology, especially since the advent of internet technology has led to major changes in society. Information technology products are relatively cheap and affordable facilitate access to information beyond the national borders and cultural boundaries. This condition has penetrated to all levels of human life, including farmers in the villages. Therefore, the extension becomes important role as a facilitator in developing the potential of farmers. Consequently extension is required to adjust to the changes and demands of the growing community. The objectives of the research is the analysis of characteristics extension workers to utilization of information and communication technology in Limapuluh Kota regency West Sumatera. This study is a descriptive-correlational survey-based study with the sample consisting of government employee as well as freelance extension workers in 8 Extension Agency of Agriculture  Fisheries and Forestry Extension (BP3K) in Limapuluh Kota regency, West Sumatera province. Based on the results obtained, the results of different test (t-test) is known that there are significant differences between the characteristics of the civil servants and THL-TBPP especially in the aspect of age and length of employment.


competence, extension workers, information and communication technology

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