Study on Circulating Concurrent Flow Dryer for Drying Rapeseed

Le Anh Duc


The study was executed to design, manufacture a pilot scale circulating concurrent flow dryer for drying rapeseed with capacity of 200 kg/batch and test to determine the operating parameters of the circulating concurrent flow rapeseed dryer. The effect of initial grain temperature, drying air temperature, drying air flow rate on the rapeseed temperature, exhaust air temperature, exhaust air relative humidity, drying rate, fuel energy consumption and germination ratio were investigated. Temperatures and moisture contents data were collected. For each experiment, rapeseed temperature, exhaust air temperature, exhaust air relative humidity were measured. The germination ratio of rapeseed was tested. The drying rate and fuel energy consumptions were calculated from experiment. The difference between theoretical values and measured values were evaluated by R2 and RMSE. The analytic results shown that the experimental results is in good agreement with theoretical results


rapeseed; concurrent flow; germination ratio; drying rate; fuel energy consumption

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development