Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi (AMF) and The Organic Material to The Glomalin Production and The Soil Physical Properties of Ultisols

Amrizal Saidi, Eti Farda Husin, Azwar Rasyidin, Eddiwal Eddiwal, Ismon L Ismon L


Metabolism of Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi (AMF) requires nitrogen from organic matter to produce glomalin on hyphae. Glomalin able to granulate the soil particles are dispersed to form a stable soil aggregates to create good soil structure. Improvement of soil structure will provide optimal conditions for the development of organisms and plant roots. AMF and the use of organic matter as a source of N for the AMF has done research on Sitiung Ultisol. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of AMF and organic material to the glomalin production, as well as its relationship with the soil physical properties. This research was conducted at the greenhouse of Faculty Agriculture Andalas University Padang. West Sumatra Indonesia. Soil samples of soil physical properties observed in the area of mycorrhiza hyphae found (mycorhizalsphere) which is influenced by differences glomalin generated by the AMF. The results of the reserach showed that treatment of AMF and Nitrogen organic ingredients affect significantly on the glomalin, whereas the effect of treatment it gives a different effect on soil physical properties. Organic materials do not affect significantly on the availability of soil water content, but very significant effect on water content at 2.54 pF. AMF species that produce a higher glomalin can be significant in improving soil physical properties, ie versiforme G. and G. luteum although without the use of organic materials or organic. Both these species give a positive response to the growth of maize by mycorrhizalsphere (MGR = mycorrhizal growth response) and nutrient uptake of maize.


rizhosphere, mycorhizalsphere glomalin, nitrogen, tihonia, nutrient uptake.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.5.4.550


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