The Making of Transparent Soap from Green Tea Extract

Tuty Anggraini, Sahadi Didi Ismanto, Dahlia Dahlia


This study aims to determined the effect of green tea extract on the characteristics of transparent soap and antioxidant activity as well as to determine the best concentration of the addition of green tea extract. This study used a completely randomized design (CRD) consisting of 5 treatments and 3 repetitions. Data were analyzed statistically using ANOVA followed by Duncan's test New Multiple Range Test (DNMRT) at 5%. Treatment in this research were the addition of green tea extract  0%; 0.5%; 1%; 1.5%; and 2%. The analysis on the transparent soap product were sensory evaluation test, irritation test,  antimicrobial test, antioxidant activity, and chemical properties that include water content, pH, the amount of fatty acid, the saponified fraction, alkali-free / free fatty acids, and insoluble part in alcohol . The results showed that the difference in the concentration of green tea extract in a transparent soap significantly affect insoluble part in alcohol, antioxidant activity, and antimicrobial, but did not significantly affect to moisture content, the level of fatty acid ,  unsaponified fraction, free fatty acids, pH, hardness , and degree of foam. Effect of green tea extracts in the manufacture of transparent soap in treatment E (Addition of green tea extract 2%) is the best product, the value for color was 25%, aroma was 50%, 20% transparency, hardness 35%, and degree of foam was 70while the hardness was 2,90 N / cm2; degree of foam 48.95%; the water content of 35.35%; 29.78% the amount of fatty acids; unsaponified fraction was 12.87%; free fatty acids 0,23%; pH was  9.78; Insoluble parts in alcohol 2.08%; irritation value 0; antioxidant activity of 15.21% and a diameter anti-microbial of 42 mm. A transparent soap with the addition of green tea extract deserves to be developed.


green tea extract; transparent soap; tea

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