Socio-Ecological and Livelihood Assessment of Selected Coastal Areas in Sorsogon, Philippines

Estrella Arthur B, Foronda Vladimir R, Lirag Ma. Teresa B


A study was conducted to assess the productive capacity of five villages namely Gimagaan, Sevilla, Sogoy, Milagrosa and Saclayan in Sorsogon, Philippines. Specifically, it aimed to assess the productive resource base, resource use and livelihood patterns and provide management prescriptions in the transition of farms into organic agriculture. Sustainable livelihoods analysis and participatory rapid appraisal were the analytical frameworks used in the study. Result of the study revealed that Gimagaan village had the greatest access to asset capitals compared to the other four villages in Sorsogon, Philippines. Gimagaan village highly benefited from the presence of socio-civic and government organizations, residents are more socially inclined and actively involved in the various social activities, have generally good access to their natural resource stocks and infrastructure facilities. On sustainability assessment, results revealed that Milagrosa village was more capable of sustaining management systems of its natural resources, highly resilient against perturbations and had greater chances of improving capacities for social development enterprises. Saclayan village on the other hand, had the lowest access to asset capitals and lowest score in terms of sustainability indicators. Management prescriptions include introduction of farming and fishing technologies which do not require intensive capital; conduct of an in-depth study of fishery-based livelihood project; strengthening the establishment of community-based sanctuaries and mangrove areas; introduction of crop-diversification farming system; and strengthening of the production-market linkage for fishery-based livelihood projects.  


productive capacity, socio-ecological assessment, asset capital, sustainability assessment

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development