Applications of Liquid Smoke Powder as Flavor and Food Preservative (Case Study : Sponge Cake)

Maryam Maryam


Liquid smoke is converted into powder will provide ease of mobilization and storage. At this time should be developed as an application of liquid smoke powder as flavor and food preservative. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of adding liquid smoke powder to the flavor and shelf life of food. Samples of food used is a sponge cake. The method used to observe the shelf life is the ESS (Extended Storage Studies). Observations flavor food with organoleptic test was used to respondents. Addition of liquid smoke powder treatment performed at the level of 0%, 2%, 4% and 6% of the weight of flour. The addition of liquid smoke powder to give effect to flavor foods and can increase shelf life. Liquid smoke contains phenolic compounds which in addition to contributing smoke flavor, also has antioxidant and bactericidal action on food. Optimal conditions of manufacture liquid smoke powder by using a spray dryer is on the treatment concentration of 5% and a inlet temperature of 160 °C. The addition of optimum is at the level of 2% which can increase the shelf life of food to 8 days and the flavor is still received  by respondents.


liquid smoke powder, flavor, shelf life, phenolic

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