Characteristic of Small Scale Food Industry Cluster in West Sumatera

Gunarif Taib, - Santosa, Masrul Djalal, - Helmi


Clusters of small-scale food industries have different characteristics with industrial cluster in general. These characteristics need to know to develop a plan for cluster development. This study was conducted to determine charasteristics clusters of small-scale food industry, especially in West Sumatra. For the analysis of the components of industrial and technological components that affect the development of small-scale food industry cluster in West Sumatra. All variables influence the level of industrial components and technology components were analyzed using the program "Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS)". The survey results revealed that the industrial component is influenced by the core industry (level of difficulty in capital gain and raw materials), the buyer (customer satisfaction), related industry (quality and continuity of supply of packaging) and institutional support (coaching on marketing and capitalization as well as guidance on the production of sanitary and food safety). Component technology is influenced by organoware (production management and marketing management) and humanware (innovation and trust among the members).


characteristics; industrial components; component technology; industrial clusters; small scale

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development