Amino Acids Identification of Over Fermented Tempeh, The Hydrolysate and The Seasoning Product Hydrolysed by Calotropin from Crown Flower (Calotropis gigantea)

Yuli Witono, Simon Bambang Widjanarko, Mujianto Mujianto, Dessy Tri Rachmawati


The aims of this study was to investigate the amino acid (AAs) composition of over fermented tempeh (OFT), the hydrolysates and the seasoning product that hydrolyzed by calotropin from Calotropis gigantea. OFT was hydrolyzed by 0.15% calotropin at 55oC for 3 hours. The hydrolysates was mixed with 13.3% glucose; 13.3% salt; and 13.3% of caramelized sugar, and then boiled for 10 min to make the seasoning. AAs compositions of OFT, the hydrolysates of OFT (HOFT), and the seasoning product of OFT (SOFT) were identified by HPLC. Seventeen AAs have identified and computed. HOFT contained the highest AAs 377.71 mg/100 g, followed by OFT 136.14 mg/100 g and SOFT 60.22 mg/100 g. The highest amount of AAs in all samples was glutamic acid. These results indicate that the hydrolysis of OFT by calotropin increase the AAs compounds and can be applied as seasoning.


amino acid, over fermented tempeh, hydrolysates, seasoning, calotropin from Calotropis gigantea.

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