Study on Color and Antioxidant Properties of Rambutan Seed Fat as Cocoa Butter Alternative

Luma Khairy. H, Tajul A. Yang, Fered Saadoon. A


In this paper, the color (whiteness, L*, a*, b*) and antioxidant properties (radical scavenging activity, total phenolic compound) of rambutan seed fat (RSF) and its mixture with cocoa butter (CB) were investigated. Different proportions were applied in preparing the samples between (RSF) and (CB). The results showed that significant differences among samples in the whiteness, (L*) and (a*) value, whereas (b*) value had no significant differences. With regard antioxidant activity the results showed that total phenolic compound (TPC) of cocoa butter was (47.37±0.02) mg GA/100 g fat, while the other mixtures between (RSF) and (CB) showed (40.49±0.01-11.12±0.02) mg GA/100 g fat. Radical scavenging activity (DPPH) of cocoa butter valued (67.32±0.44) µmol trolox/100 g fat, similar to the mixture M1 (60.16±0.23). Based on the results the study recommended that mixture ratio up to 40% rambutan seed fat (RSF) can benefit as a cocoa butter replacer whereas a higher ratio completely change original cocoa butter characteristics. Thus, there is the possibility of using the (RSF) as replacer of (CB) and could utilize by chocolate products.


cocoa butter alternative, color, total phenolic compound, rambutan seed fat, radical scavenging activity.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development