Changes in lipid oxidation of reconstituted omega-3 plus milk powder treated by superheated steam

Ghazwan Mahdy, Tajul A Yang


In this study the effect of superheated steam on the oxidative stability of reconstituted omega-3plus milk powder was studied. The changes in fatty acids, peroxide, acids, thiobarbutric acid reactive substances (TBARS), and p-anisidine values were measured to reconstitute omega-3 plus milk powder in relation to thermal treatment by using a superheated steam (SHS) with different temperatures and time periods. The temperature and time period ranged from 120-180 °C between 5-15 min. For applying the SHS treatment did not produce changes in SFA, MUFA and PUFA at 120-150 °C to 10-15 min as compared with the control. While, the proportion of PUFA and MUFA values were recorded differences on temperature 180 °C comparison with control. The result of POV showed no changes between the temperature 120-150 °C compared with control, but indicated significant differences at the temperature 180 °C with long time 15 min. Acids and p- anisdine values did not show any differences between temperature 120-180 °C for a short period of time 5 min compare with the control, but recorded significantly on long period of time 10-15 min compared with the control. The values of TBARS showed no significant differences in temperature 120-150 for 5 min compare with control. This study showed oxidative stability of milk fat supplied long chain unsaturated fatty acids treated by SHS on temperature range 120-150 at time 5-10 min with some affected by the high temperature 180 °C at 15 min can maintain the quality of fatty acid and milk fat.


superheated steam, omega-3 plus milk powder, fatty acids, lipid oxidation

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development