The Effect of NaOH Concentration and Length of Transesterification Time on Characteristic of FAME from Reutealis trisperma (Kemiri Sunan)

Sarifah Nurjanah, Dwi Septiani Lestari, Asri Widyasanti, Sudaryanto Zain


Biodiesel (FAME) is biofuel as a result from conversion process of triglycerides (oil) into FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esther).  Reutelis trisperma (Kemiri Sunan) is one of the plant that contains triglycerides, which is inedible oil due to its high poisonous component (alpha oleostearic acid), therefore this plant can be used as the nature source of biodiesel production.  The research aimed to study the effect of NaOH concentration and length of transesterification time on the yield and FAME characteristic.  The experiment was arranged in Completely Randomized Design with two replicated.  The result indicated that 0.75% NaOH in two hours transesterification  produce the highest yield of FAME with density 0.8703 g/cm3, kinematic viscosity 5.325 cSt, acid value 0.552 mg KOH/g and iodine value 46.6972 g I2/g.


NaOH, transesterification, FAME, Kemiri Sunan

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