The Potential of Darmo Black Soybean Varieties as an Alternative of A Promising Food for Future

Fetriyuna Fetriyuna


Most soybean varieties are still relying on imports from abroad. Therefore, soybean prices are still fluctuating, Indonesia still depends on the high number of imports due to the lack of white soybean production in this country. It's Necessary to find an alternative of raw materials that are produced domestically. Black soybean is one of the varieties of soybeans that has many advantages, both in terms of health and economic. Since the year of 2009, Padjadjaran University has developed a superior black soybean seed which can adapt with minimal input of agriculture process namely “Darmoâ€. Darmo black soybean varieties were characterized and compared with other types of black soybeans that had previously cultivated. The physical characteristics of Darmo black soybean varieties include sphericity 0,74; volume of seed 80 mm3 seeds / grains; bulk density  0.71 g / ml; particle density of 1.69 g / ml. Chemical characteristics of black soybean of Darmo varieties respectively: moisture 10.87%, protein  35.62%, fat 16%, ash of 5.3% and carbohydrate 32.21%. When compared to the Black Soybean Varieties of Malika, black soybean Darmo varieties has nearly the same nutritional composition so that the potential to be developed into a valuable source of food nutrition and high efficient.


Darmo varieties, black soybean, physical characteristics

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