Shoot Multiplication of Quinine Plant (Cinchona Ledgeriana Moens) with Several Concentrations of Kinetin on In Vitro

Reni Mayerni, Erviana Eka Pratiwi, Warnita Warnita


An experiment to determine the effect of kinetin with several concentrations on shoot multiplication of plants quinine (Cinchona ledgeriana Moens) has been conducted from December 2013 to March 2014 at the Tissue Culture Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, Andalas University, Padang. The experiment used a completely randomized design with five treatments and four replicates extent that (A) 0 mg/l kinetin; (B) 0,5 mg/l kinetin; (C) 1 mg/l kinetin; (D) 1,5 mg/l kinetin and (E) 2 mg/l kinetin. Data were analyzed using the F test and mean comparisons of Duncan's test New Multiple Range Test (DNMRT) at 5% level. The treatment of  0.5 mg/l kinetin resulted in the best time to shoot emergence of 5.92 days after planting, the highest number of shoot of 15.41, the highest number of leaves of 61.75, the highest shoot of 3.25 cm, and highest number of shootlet fresh weight of 0.70 g per plant at 12 weeks after planting.


ledger, kinetin, shoot multiplication

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