Subak’s Capacity Building: A Little Effort Toward Food Security and Sustainable Development Goals

Nyoman Utari Vipriyanti, Cening Kardi


Nowadays, there are strong demands on the organic farming.   Organic farming as a part of organic agriculture builds on the harmony of nature, through optimizing the use of biodiversity and natural intake of the recycling process of natural materials, in order to reach sustainability, healthy food production and energy saving. Effort to change the behavior of farmers who are accustomed to using inorganic material to organic farming was not easy. This study aimed to determine (1) the costs and benefit of local varieties cultivation of paddy, Cicih Gondrong, with semi-organic pattern; and (2) the farmer perception toward Cicih Gondrong semi-organic pattern cultivation. This research used plot demonstration (demplots) and survey methods. The results showed that semi-organic cultivation of paddy Cicih Gondrong, economically profitable. There are significant changes in the perception of farmers on the management of local varieties of rice before and after the demonstration carried out. Government role is needed to make organic farming program running well especially to provide assistance and infrastructure support.  


Capacity Building, Organic Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, Farmer Perception, Government Role

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development