Lotanbar Chili Farming Analysis in Support of A New Superior Cultivar from The District of Limapuluh Kota

Dwi Evaliza, Nurwanita Ekasari Putri, Hamda Fauza


“Lotanbar†is a curly chilli, produced by mass selection and done by a farmer from Mungka Sub-district, The district of Limapuluh Kota, Province of  West Sumatera. It has the number of fruits more than one on some nodus. This uniqueness  gives an opportunity to  assemble a new superior cultivar with number of fruit more through the plant breeding program in order to obtain higher yield harvest. In chilli farming, income and cost analysis of it are one of the important things in determining the attitude of farmers to do cultivation. As a new cultivar candidate, Lotanbar chili need to be analyzed how this chili business seen from the aspect of its economy. The purposes of this research were to describe the technical culture, analyze  the amount of incomes and profits, and also calculate R/C ratio on Lotanbar chili farmers. This research was conducted April 15th to May 2014 at Simpang Tigo farmers group at Jorong Talang, Nagari Talang Maua, sub-district of Mungka, The district of Limapuluh Kota. It used descriptive research with approach case studies with ten  farmers as respondents. Then, the result showed that farmers didn't prepare seedlings in the seedbed but directly planted seeds in their farm. Therefore, harvesting can be done earlier as compared to using the seedlings. The average farmer's land ownership amounted to 0.10 Ha.  Moreover, from these areas, they got around 1.410,30 kg of the yield or 15.619,68 kg per Ha. Thus, the average income of farmers lotanbar chili in one growing season fare of 25.256.900,00/land area or Rp. 286.722.257,28 per Ha. The average profit was Rp. 24.104.815,57/land area or Rp. 273.381.482,57 per Ha. Analysis of this condition,  its R/C Ratio was 4,42 per Ha.


farming analysis, income, profit, R/C ratio.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.5.1.472


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