Model Development Industrial Cluster Coffee Arabica in The District Bangli, Province of Bali

I Gusti Bagus Udayana


Indonesian coffee commodity is non-oil export commodities the which contributes to the increase of in foreign exchange. The coffee agribusiness development Efforts have been undertaken by the government, but there are still many obstacles, especially in maintaining the quality of products that meet international market standards and continuity of production in accordance with market demand and to support a downstream industry of agricultural production. This research is the development of industrial clusters Earlier research arabica coffee. The results Showed that the human resources and knowledge about the importance of the coffee plant in Bangli society is still very low, this is evidenced by the many farmers replacing the coffee with citrus plants. Cluster models produced is the result of the development of the models on previous research. In the development of this models and the results of the field survey results show the need for forming FGD Control of Agro-Industry Forum Bangli. This forum Aimed to control and anticipate the development of information to replace the coffee plant with coffee other than agricultural industrial commodities like oranges. Many coffee farmers have replaced coffee with citrus plants. If this continues to Happen it is feared that coffee production has gained International recognition will Decrease. This controller Bangli Agro-Industry Forum in collaboration with Industrial Cluster Management Communication Forum Coffee Arabica and core industry of arabica coffee


Human Resources, industry cluster of arabica coffee, Cluster Development

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