Formulation of Indigenous Rhizobacterial Isolates from Healthy Soybean’s Root, which Ability to Promote Growth and Yield of Soybean

Trimurti Habazar, Yulmira Yanti, Cahaya Ritonga


Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria are a group of bacteria, that actively colonize plant roots, induce the resistance of plant to pathogen, increase plant growth and yield. Our previous research had showed, that one of rhizobacterial isolates from soybean root effective to promote growth and yield of soybean. To maintain the effectivity of this bacterial isolate during storage, transportation and application, so need to be formulated. The aim of this research was to get the best carrier for formulation to maintain the effectivity of rhizobacterial isolate in storage to promote growth and yield of soybean. This research have used random complete design with 16 treatments and 3 replicates. The treatments were combination of material carrier for formulation of rhizobacterial isolate (peat soil, tapioca flour and coconut water + 1 % palm oil) and time of storage of formula (0, 1, 3, 5 and 7 weeks) and control. The parameter were population density of rhizobacterial isolate on formula, growth development (germination rate, plant height, number of leaves and twigs) generative phase (time of flowering and pod) and yield (weight of seed) of soybean. The results showed that all formulas of rhizobacterial isolate  able to increase growth and yield of soybean. The best combination which effective to increase growth and yield of soybean were rizobacteria in peat soil formula and storage for five weeks.


Rhizobacteria, formulation, soybean, biofertilizer.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development