Development and Experimental Studies of a Small-scaled Solar-powered Sago Plant Dehydrator

A. Pendita, P. Y. Lim, H. V. H. Junis


Sago is an important agricultural commodity of the largest state in Malaysia, Sarawak. This paper presents a small-scaled solar-powered sago dehydrator with temperature sensing and monitoring unit. The main focus is to provide a feasible solution for sago farmers or producers who live in isolated remote areas. The dehydrator system is controlled by a microcontroller PIC16F877A. The electrical circuit of the dehydrator allows the user to programmed desired time setting and the controller will interact with the temperature sensor and display unit of the dehydrator for the purpose of temperature monitoring within a specific range for the sago flour drying process.  This project has adopted the green technology concept as the system components are powered using the energy produced from the solar panels. A small portion of sample of the sago flour will be dehydrated in the proposed solar powered plant dehydrator. The operation of the dehydrator and the experimental results are presented.


solar; dehydrator; temperature control; microcontroller; Sago.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development