Development of Performance Indicators Relationships on Sustainable Healthcare Supply Chain Performance Measurement Using Balanced Scorecard and DEMATEL

Eko Budi Leksono, - Suparno, Iwan Vanany


Sustainable healthcare supply chain performance measurement (SHSCPM) concept is still less developed. Globalization and pressure from stakeholder demand the operation of the supply chain to give attention to the environment effect, community, economic and intangibility assets. SHSCPM is feasibly developed for measuring the performance of simultaneous sustainability aspects and intangibility assets to meet customer satisfaction. This article discusses SHSCPM based on the balanced scorecard (BSC) with attention to the sustainability aspects, intangibility assets and relationships between the performance of perspectives and indicators. The perspectives and indicators of performance were identified by literature and the confirmed and validated by the survey to 7 expert respondents. We found 5 perspectives and 39 indicators from literature which were then confirmed to expert through a survey with an in-depth interview. From a survey that validated with a weighted average (WA) and level of consensus (LC), we found 31 valid indicators. Finally, 29 indicators from DEMATEL process were selected to be used on SHSCPM. The DEMATEL process found 2 indicators aren’t important and influence for other, namely inventory cost and regulations and laws. Besides, the four results on this study: intangibility indicators incorporated on innovation and growth were most affect to other indicators which the intangibility indicators were related with human resource, indicators on customer perspective were most important compared to other indicators, indicators on economic aspect were most important compared indicators on environmental and social aspects, and indicators on social aspect were not affected by other indicators. After that, human resource and customer were main factors for SHSCPM. Finally, relationships between perspectives and indicators used to design of BSC strategy map.


SHSCPM; weighted average; level of consensus; balanced scorecard; DEMATEL

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