Non-destructive Evaluation of Monosaccharides from Two Local Rice Varieties Using NIR Spectroscopy for Disease Prevention Through Dietary Mitigation

Muhammad Makky, Renny Eka Putry, Kohei Nakano, Santosa Santosa


The risk of diabetes mellitus (DM) and obesity in modern society is increasing. Uncontrolled diet and high carbohydrate consumption lead to the increase of new cases. Determined the exact amount of daily carbohydrate intake and dietary mitigation is among other solution that requires further study. In this research, two local rice varieties that commonly consumed in Padang, Indonesia, namely Bakwan and Sokan Pulau were evaluated both optically and chemically. The study used NIR spectroscopy analysis and ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatograms (UHPLC) assay to elaborate chemical compounds in the samples. The evaluation was performed to determine differences between glucose and fructose concentrations in both varieties measured at various rice qualities. The results of spectral measurements were then correlated with UHPLC data using two statistical methods, the principal component analysis (PCA) and partial least square (PLS). Models developed by the PCA and PLS were calibrated and subsequently validated. Results showed the model produced a high correlation rate for both glucose and fructose content in two rice varieties. Also, the study found that glucose content of Bakwan is higher than Sokan Pulau as well as fructose content, except for the lowest quality "Sokan Island" rice (Assorted). The results open the opportunity for policymakers as references and to create a healthier consumption pattern policy for low-income society in Padang.


NIR Spectroscopy; UHPLC; non-destructive evaluation; glucose; fructose; rice.

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