Customer Satisfaction towards Product and Service Quality of Housing Developers in West Sumatra Indonesia

Difana Meilani, Prima Fithri, Putri Yanna Reista


This research focuses on the improvement of product quality, service rendered, and the priority of item attributes of products done by housing developers to improve customers’ satisfaction. It examines how developers are adopting the proposed improvements on the quality in the competition among other housing developers. Customers’ satisfaction is measured and analyzed statistically from the questionnaire. Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) method and House of Quality (HOQ) methods are also implemented to identify the formulation of the problems and to correlate the customers’ desires with the technology capabilities of the company. From the IPA analysis, customers’ satisfaction is 76% for product quality satisfactory and 78% for service satisfaction. This finding supports the assessment standard of customers’ satisfactory in the services.


Housing developer; customer satisfaction; service standards; Importance Performance Analysis (IPA); House of Quality (HOQ); Quality Function Deployment (QFD); service quality; Indonesia; service satisfaction level; assessment

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