Investigation of Attributes that Influence the Insider Trust

Rohayanti Hassan, Iszaida Ismail, Shahreen Kasim, Muhammad Razib Othman, Rohaizan Ramlan


A study of cyber-attack incidents emanating from insiders identifies some characteristic of the malicious user including trust, attack on hardware, software and network, and vulnerabilities of threat. Among the research that has been conducted, insider trust is identified as a critical characteristic where trust of insider is categorized as a major potential to attack system information either high, medium or low risk to access the sensitive document. Trust characteristics is hard to be analyzed due to the different human behaviour. Thus, a survey was conducted that includes hypothesis to support the investigation of insider threat characteristic. To obtain the result of finding prominent insider trust criteria, a regression analysis is used to get the actual value. A survey has been distributed to multiple user roles of three systems namely e-Plantation System (ePS), eCampus System (eCampus) and Human Resources Management System (eHRMS). The outcome of this study demonstrates that skill and experience are two prominent factors that mainly influence the characteristic of insider trust.


insider trust; insider threat; insider threat prediction; trust characteristics; insider trust criteria.

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