Video-Based Stylized Rendering using Frame Difference

Seung Taek Ryoo, Yeong Kwon Kim, Hun Joo Lee, Sang Hyun Seo


In this paper, we suggest video based stylized rendering using frame difference. Stylized rendering using video frame has a temporal problem that occurs a difference between the previous and current frame. To reduce the temporal problem, we generate reference maps using temporal frame difference in correction and rendering steps. A correction method using reference maps can be reduced flickering effect caused by frame difference between the previous and current frame. We use a background map, an average map, and a quadtree-based summed area table as reference maps. Among these reference maps, the method using quadtree based summed area table can completely remove a flickering and popping effect. Also, a post-blurring method using bilateral filtering can be represented smooth, stylized rendering by removing unnecessary noise. Suggested stylized rendering system can be used in various fields such as visual art, advertisement, game and movie for stylized image contents generation.


stylized rendering; non-photorealistic rendering; sketch rendering; temporal coherence; frame difference

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development