The Framework of Cloud e-Learning System for Strengthening ICT Competence of Teachers in Nicaragua

Yong Kim


ICT use in education is a key instrument to enhance educational quality and change the educational paradigm. For example, Korea has been using computers and Internet into primary and secondary schools since the 1980s. There have been many educational policies for ICT use in education. Not only developed countries but also developing countries make a lot of effort to enhance the quality of education by using ICT in education. First of all, ICT competence of teachers is very important in order that ICT can be an effective tool in education. The level of teachers’ ICT competence decides the level of using ICT in education. However, it is not easy for many teachers to take training for enhancing the level of ICT competence in a short time. This study suggests an e-learning system for strengthening the ICT competence of teachers by using an example of an educational environment in Nicaragua. Since this e-learning system can be operated by using cloud computing technology, it will provide implications for education projects with ICT use in primary and secondary schools in developing countries


e-Learning; ICT use in Education; Learning system; Nicaragua

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