Photoacoustic for Oral Soft Tissue Imaging based on Intensity Modulated Continuous-Wave Diode Laser

Rini Widyaningrum, Dewi Agustina, Munakhir Mudjosemedi, Mitrayana -


We built the photoacoustic imaging (PAI) systems to image oral soft tissue. To reduce the cost and size significantly, the PAI system used an intensity-modulated continuous-wave (CW) diode laser with a wavelength of 532nm and output peak power of 200mW as an excitation source, combined with a condenser microphone as photoacoustic signals detector. The Pulse Width Modulation technique was applied to form a square wave fluctuation of laser radiation by using certain duty cycle on single-frequency of 17.8 kHz. Sample of this study was Sprague Dawley rats tongue on plasticine media, irradiated by modulated CW diode laser. The result of this study showed that modulated laser exposure on one certain spot of the sample produced PA-signals in polynomial correlation with a duty cycle of laser modulation. Based on it, the photoacoustic imaging then was done by using gradual duty cycles, i.e., 20%, 30%, and 40%. This study also showed that using CW diode laser which is modulated with low duty cycle can produce most accurate PA image, as well as keeping the sample from the high energy of laser exposure that may cause biological changes. Furthermore, the maximum duty cycle to modulate laser for oral soft tissue imaging in this system was 30%.


Photoacoustic imaging; diode laser; oral; soft tissue; modulated laser

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