An Interactive Application for Halal Products Identification based on Augmented Reality

Haslina Arshad, Saidatul A’isyah bt Ahmad Shukri, Waqas Khalid Obeidy, Rimaniza Zainal Abidin


Identification of halal products is a challenging issue especially for the Muslim community. Previously, a few researches were conducted to identify halal products using AR technology which enables the end users to scan product to ensure the quality. Further study needs to be conducted in order to investigate augmented reality experience in identifying halal products and beverages for the Muslim community. This paper presents an application to identify halal products based on Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) database for Muslim consumers in Malaysia. The core aim of this research is to provide experience to the user regarding the usage of the proposed mobile application based on AR technology. Evaluation of the proposed application by conducted a survey to 22 users, reveals that user can detect a halal status of the products and give knowledge of awareness to have confident in order to choose the halal product.


Augmented Reality; food; beverages; User Experiences;

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