Rietveld Refinement Analysis of Lampung Natural Zeolite Catalyst Impregnated Fe with Diffraction Method Using MAUD Software

Lisa Adhani, Ahmad Fauzi, Dovina Navanti, Tyastuti Sri Lestari


This research characterizes the space group and R-phase crystal structure using the XRD method and Rietveld refinement. Rietveld improvements using the Material Analysis Using Diffraction (MAUD) software are acceptable if the Rwp < 15% and Sig < 2%. MAUD is a diffraction/reflectivity analysis program based primarily on the Rietveld method and here uses X-ray reflectivity data on materials. The intensity of the diffraction data of the powder sample is the appropriate reflection intensity so that the atomic structure of the crystalline material can be determined based on the Le bail characterization technique. The reflectance intensity of this Fe/Zeolite is Rw = 9.51% and Sig = 1.76%. XRD analysis on Lampung activated natural Zeolite before impregnation showed a monoclinic clinoptilolite crystal phase, which gives the lattice parameters on a≠b≠c axis, axis angle α=γ=90o≠β. The Fe/zeolite in this study is a natural zeolite from Lampung, which was activated and then impregnated with Fe. The Fe/Zeolite catalyst Rietveld Refinement results showed Nepheline's closest crystal phase, which gave the lattice parameters a=b≠c, axis, angle α=β=90o; γ=120o, the shape is similar to the hexagonal crystal structure (HCP). These results can be used as an initial reference for the study of the crystallization diffraction pattern in the further development of this catalyst.


Material; crystal; structure; clinoptilolite; nepheline.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.13.1.16858


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