Analysing Young Motorcyclist Trip and Parking Behaviours: A Strategy to Reduce Motorcycle Accident Numbers

Gusri Yaldi, Imelda M. Nur, - Apwiddhal, - Momon


Motorcycle numbers in Indonesia are growing rapidly and contribute 84.4% of total motor vehicles. The death numbers from road traffic accidents (RTA) involving motorcycles also increase to 74% of the deaths, including young motorcyclists. WHO reported that RTA is the leading cause of death for people aged between 5-29 years. A series of Revealed and Stated Preference surveys have been undertaken to explore the characteristics of young motorcyclist trips and their behaviors towards three different virtual parking schemes aimed at finding the best parking schemes to control motorcycle usage among young motorcyclists. Therefore, the number of young motorcyclist-related RTA could be reduced. The finding suggests that young motorcyclists preferred using off-street parking over on-street parking. The preferred distance between parking premises and activity centers is less than 50 meters. The off-street parking would be selected instead of the on-street parking, although its price is higher. The Willingness to pay for each proposed parking scheme is IDR 3,373, IDR 3,509, and IDR 3,618. It is below the ability to pay, which is IDR 4,100. Thus, an on-street parking scheme with progressive pricing and a minimum base price of IDR 5,000 is proposed, where at least 30% of parking lots should be allocated for short-term parking. Finally, the proposed parking scheme must be supported by reliable public transport services based on the young motorcyclist preferences, which would be the direction of future research.


Road traffic accident; young motorcyclist; motorcycle; parking scheme

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