Increase in Torque and Power of an Otto 200cc Spark Ignition Engine with Modifications in the Combustion Chamber

Vicente Rojas-Reinoso, Johnny Pancha-Ramos, Vicente Romero-Hidalgo, Jorge Martinez-Coral, Ivan Zambrano-Orejuela


Study of the behavior of a single-cylinder type spark ignition Otto engine with a cylinder capacity of 200 cubic centimeters, which generates a modification in the geometry of the combustion chamber to increase the compression ratio, reaching optimal operating conditions; in order to optimize torque, power, polluting emissions and something fundamental in the social reality of Ecuador, fuel consumption. Variables are determined to be applied in a generic experimental model under controlled conditions with the application of an analysis protocol based on the use of a probe in conjunction with a piezoelectric sensor for various tests based on the effective mean pressure in different engine load cycles, using an electronic acquisition card controlled with LabVIEW software. In the testing cycle, several conditions are considered as the instantaneous speed of the vehicle with attention to the INEN 960 standard, achieving results of an increase in power of 5.85 kW, torque at 0.78 N.m, decrease in CO emissions by 13%, and HC 6.47%, and with a reduction in fuel consumption of 3.35% compared to initial conditions. These results indicate the importance of the study of effective mean pressure as a parameter of a validated experimentation model. The study projections in the branch of analysis of the indicated and real effective mean pressure allow to generate a better control in the combustion process, showing a real stability model according to the engine's behavior characteristics and work requirements.


Torque; power; tractor force; DAQ; average pressure; emissions

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