The Algorithm of Image Edge Detection on Panoramic Dental X-Ray using Multiple Morphological Gradient (mMG) Method

Jufriadif Na`am, Johan Harlan, Sarifuddin Madenda, Eri Prasetio Wibowo


Dental caries are tooth decay caused by bacterial infections . It is commonly known as cavities. This infection causes demineralization and hence destruction of the hard tissues of the teeth. Diagnosis of dental caries is conventionally carried out with the help of radiographic films. This research aims to develop some algorithm of the mMG method in identifying dental caries based using digital panoramic dental x-ray images. This paper presents an algorithm of using digital panoramic dental x-ray images to detect dental caries.  Type of algorithm used in this study is normal mMG, Enhancement mMG, and Smooth mMG.  This study makes use of MATLAB and it performs dental caries detection in three algorithms. A dataset of 225 digital panoramic dental x-ray images  in .png format is used to edge detection of the object in dental. The results are helpful to identify such caries from the tooth.


Panoramic Dental X-Ray; dental caries; multiple Morphological Gradient (mMG); algorithm, smooth, enhancement

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