Investigate the Thermal Behavior of the Portable Weather Monitoring System Based on Arduino Nano

Ammar Yaseen Burjes, Haneafa Yahya Najm, Ghader Salim Aziz


This work aims to achieve a functional system in terms of software and hardware to measure humidity with temperature and raining fall. Also, this system allows monitoring the date and time. We used Arduino Nano with the interfacing of the DHT22 sensor and a raindrop sensor placed in the local environment to measure the mentioned data. After designing the system that depends on the microcontroller Embedded on the Arduino board, we will display the data on a screen of the PC by the Arduino window (serial monitor) and display it on the LCD screen. This paper describes a simple portable design for humidity, temperature, and rain or no rain. The portable design can be made with a low cost of electronic components. It is efficiently and locally available so that it can be used to monitor weather conditions at any place. The test results showed that this system's component is small and can be packaged in a small plastic box. Besides, through the programming, we recorded the data on the Excel program, and at the same time. The data were recorded in a memory added to the manufactured system. The data obtained every five seconds are the (date, time, temperature, humidity, weather if rainy or not rainy). The system consists of two parts; the first part is inside the indoor, and it can be placed outdoor as needed and the second part is a rain sensor that can be placed outdoor. In case of rain, the buzzer and LED can be turned on to indicate the condition of rain.


Arduino; DHT22; raindrop sensor; weather monitoring; portable; temperature.

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