Mutual Understanding Determinants for Effective Communication in Business and IT Strategic Alignment Planning

Nurul `Izzati Mohmad Adnan, Dian Indrayani Jambari


Business and IT strategic alignment is continuously explored from different facets motivated by the demands for organisation to be well aligned in its business and IT strategies for business continuity. The management aspect rather than technological issues often causes misalignment in business and IT strategies more significantly. One of the issues is the communication ineffectiveness between business and IT people involved in planning the business and IT strategic alignment. Difficulty to achieve mutual understanding between these two teams is a critical problem in communication and hinders the successful alignment. Therefore, a set of determinants for mutual understanding is proposed. Extensive analysis on literature has been carried out to identify and define the determining factors. The review can serve as a reference for business and IT executives to improve in their communication effectiveness towards achieving well aligned business and IT strategic alignment.


Strategic Alignment; Social Dimension; Communication; IT and Business Executives; Convergence and Mutual Understanding

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