Remote Data Acquisition and Archival of Magnetic Data Acquisition System (MAGDAS)

Azlee Zabidi, Ihsan Mohd Yassin, Mohamed Huzaimy Jusoh, Zairi Ismael Rizman


The University of Kyushu, Japan, has established partnerships with 30 international organizations to form the Circum-Pan Pacific Magnetometer Network (CPMN). The CPMN establishes a network of magnetometers placed around Earth’s equator for space weather research and applications. Due to its proximity to Earth’s equator, the Magnetic Data Acquisition System (MAGDAS) was installed in the Langkawi National Observatory (LNO) on 4th of September 2006. Due to several issues with manual collection of data for archival purposes, this paper presents a MAGDAS Remote Data Acquisition and Archiving System (MRDAS) developed for the purpose of MAGDAS data acquisition and backup. Design and implementation of the MRDAS development was done using MATLAB r2015a. The data was acquired using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access, in which the setup is described in this paper. Several important functions of the MRDAS system were implemented in the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Data is stored in the Google Drive cloud storage to ensure ease of access among researchers working in various Malaysian National Space Agency (ANGKASA) offices. The MRDAS system was successfully implemented, and was able to acquire real-time data directly from the MAGDAS device. Application for remote data acquisition is for the space weather research.


remote data acquisition; magnetic data acquisition system (MAGDAS); file transfer protocol (FTP)

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