Rainfall Harvesting as Resources of Self Watering Fertigation System with Various Growing Medias

Nurpilihan Bafdal


The climate condition in Indonesia determinate by tropical monsoons, in normal years the rainy season extend about 6 months, from November to April and the dry season prevails from May to September. The annual rainfall is more less 2000mm, of which more than 80% occur in rainy season. In dry season has a critical water deficit to crops while during the wet season, water from rainfall is able to collect it to storage and applied as irrigation water especially in the dry season. The problem is could the rainfall harvesting roof top of the greenhouse good enough for crop water requirement with various growing medias during dry and wet seasons. Self watering fertigation is a system was water irrigation mixed with fertilizer and applied it to the autopots simultaneously through the closed channel.

The study of rainfall harvesting as a resources of self water fertigation with various growing medias were the first year from 4 years of  the main research with topic supply and demand water management on self watering fertigation system. The research funding born from Academic Leadership Grant (ALG) 1.1.6. The objective of the first research were to find out conducted for each three treatments of growing medias and consumptive used. The experiment was conducted in Jatinangor, West Java Indonesia with treatments were water requirement efficiency and three growing medias i.e. (1) paddy skin charcoal with compos; (2) paddy skin charcoal with organic matter and (3) paddy skin charcoal with coco peat. Cherry tomato and paprika were planted. The results show that water requirement efficiency with growing media of paddy skin charcoal with compos gave growth and production for cherry tomato and paprika.


Self Watering System; Autopot; Fertigation; growing medias; paddy skin charcoal

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.6.5.1158


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