Mobile Application for Identification of Coffee Fruit Maturity using Digital Image Processing

Oka Sudana, Deden Witarsyah, Adhitya Putra, Sunia Raharja


Indonesia is an agricultural country that relies on the agricultural sector and is well known in producing various plantation commodities, one of which is coffee. Coffee is a leading export commodity developed in Indonesia. Community coffee plantations play an important role because most of the coffee production comes from community plantations. However, the condition of community coffee plantations can be said to be still hampered, due to the quality of coffee is still relatively low. It is caused by coffee fruit sorting, which is still done conventionally. The conventional sorting process of coffee fruits is still carried out with the help of operator knowledge, so the level of operator knowledge dramatically influences the results of sorting. The ease of sorting coffee ripeness can be done by implementing a mobile application using digital image processing. Techniques used in digital image processing are the HSV color space to get color features of coffee fruit and the K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) classification method to classify coffee fruit ripeness. The results of the identification are in the form of ripe, half-ripe, or unripe fruits. The mobile application of this research has two main features, namely training data feature and non real-time identification feature. The results of the testing conducted resulted in an accuracy rate of 95.56% with the best membership value (k) of 3.


coffee fruit maturity; HSV; K-Nearest Neighbor; digital image processing.

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