Integrated Quality Management-based on Science Education in Indonesia

- Budiharjo


The insistence on improving the quality of education always emerges, particularly from the government. Almost in every opportunity and meetings, the central government always urges all parties, particularly the providers of education, to improve the quality of science education. Simultaneously, public also pleads the central government to act quickly in this matter. There are strong behavior and response from each government party showing that quality improvement is necessary and urgent. In reality, even though this issue has been encouraged for many years, the quality of science education is still poor anywhere. This study aims firstly to find out the reason and its solution. Secondly, we found that the Integrated Quality Management (IQM) is one of the alternatives to overcome above issue. We show that, the IQM encourages “continuous improvement†and the mindset of continuous improvement.


Education; IQM; Continuous improvement; Implementation of quality practices.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development