Genetic Diversity and Sequences Analysis from Elaeis guineensis Jacq. Infected with Ganoderma boninense

Rahmah Hayati, - Lisnawita, Erman Munir, Mohammad Basyuni


Early screening tests on the seedling phase of Elaeis guineensis would have a significant effect on diminishing the time and the resources needed to increase variations in the oil palm breeding program to resistance Ganoderma. This research was conducted to evaluate the genetic diversity and heterozygosity among eight populations of E. guineensis Jacq. Seedlings and matures using the molecular of variant loci analysis to an early screening. PCR and GenAlEx studied the method of genetic diversity and oil palm resistance genes. The results showed the microsatellite markers (EgIFR, Eg001, Eg002, and Eg003) pattern in the DNA and protein-encoding in the oil palm seedlings' root tissue to Ganoderma resistance played a potential early screening role in material planting. The polymorphic information content (PIC) values were identified as 0.655-0.998. The means number of allele distribution in each population and loci showed Ho = 0.48. The mean of heterozygosity was found in 0.67 level. The analysis molecular of variance (AMOVA) showed a significant variability by 45% among individuals and 53% within individuals in the population. A total of 92 data sequences were identified and available on the NCBI database. They have a similarity from proteins, i.e., isoflavone reductase, polyadenylated, heat shock cognate, and thaumatin. The highest total score was showed 117, and the similarity was identified at 100%. Furthermore, the phylogenetic clusters were distinct between the seedling and mature based on the same gene and protein. This study suggested the markers and proteins important to E. guineensis against Ganoderma boninense.


Genetic diversity; sequences; Elaeis guineensis; screening, microsatellite.

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